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Wedding banquet

Your off-premise wedding banquet will be unique

Today newly married couples often prefer to spend their celebrations not in cafes or restaurants, but on alternative locations outside, using catering service.

There is no wonder! The most unusual mobile marriage registration and banquet can be arranged out of habitual places

There is a wide range of places for the most beautiful wedding: it can be a museum, a theatre, different lofts, parks and others. Catering company can help you with off-premise banquet or official buffet organization.

All doubts are settled!

Our company has arranged more than 700 events and is ready to accept responsibility for wedding banquet organization, dispensing you from stress and helping you to save the time


It is easy – just make an inquire for off-premise wedding banquet arrangement on our web-site or give us a call

Our manager will specify details, will help to choose dishes and drinks, assist you with choosing a place for the event, and will also discuss dish serving time and its priority with you. In necessary we will go to the event location with you to submit all details to your approval.

Do you want a tasting? Welcome!

We give you an opportunity to taste some items of concreted menu to make you be sure in your choice!

Your off-premise wedding banquet will be under our manager care. There is no problem he can’t solve immediately, what means that your wedding will leave beautiful and pleasing memory behind.


Show wedding banquet and wedding buffet menu
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